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Germany sets new work place rules against coronavirus infection

Germany sets new work place rules that will be in effect from the 20th of March: the government adopted a decree according to which employees will now decide on coronavirus protective measures in the work place.

People working during the pandemic wearing masks.

New work place rules will apply from March 20

Under the new regulation, from march 20th, employers in Germany will have to assess the risk of coronavirus infections in the workplace and define appropriate protective measures.

When making their risk assessment , establishments will have to take into account the regional incidence rate. The federal government has adopted new regulations from the Federal Ministry of labour.

The new regulations means that workplaces will have the mandate to decide whether to regularly test for covid-19, provide face-mask or send workers home to work remotely.

The new rules will apply from March 20 to May 25 this year.

Remote work becomes a possibility for most workers

Employers are required to offer their employees tests in their companies at least twice a week. Where other measures do not provide sufficient protection, there is now also a requirement to wear masks.

In addition to these rules, the 3G rule applies to the workplace, according to which employees must have proof of vaccination, recovery or a test certificate with them. Remote work is compulsory depending on the type of work being done.

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In the new regulation, remote work will become optional.

Employers welcome the more flexible regulations and the abolition of the obligation to work remotely but they states that there are some ‘security’ options that pose a risk.

In addition, employers must still allow their employees to vaccinate against Covid-19 during working hours.