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Germany: Covid-19 outbreak in the ice cream factory, over 200 infected, 850 in quarantine

Germany: 210 workers at a factory in Osnabrueck are infected with the coronavirus, the NDR portal reported on Tuesday. The covid-19 outbreak broke out at the ice cream factory in Germany and the first infections at the plant were detected late last week. Production has been stopped and the factory is now closed.

What lead to the Covid-19 outbreak in the ice cream factory in Germany?

Of the 210 cases infected, at least two people had the British coronavirus variant (B.1.1.7.) Detected (We wrote about the British variants HERE). How the epidemic spread to the factory workers is not yet clear.

Osnabrueck City Councilor Katharina Poetter described the situation as “very worrying”.

The Froneri plant in Osnabrueck is one of the largest ice cream factories in Europe. About 850 people work there. 

Everyone in the Osnabrueck ice cream factory, including management, was quarantined due to the covid-19 outbreak.

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The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin announced on Tuesday about 3,856 new coronavirus infections in Germany. That’s about 480 more cases than on Tuesday a week ago.

The seven-day incidence remains at the level of 59, which means that on average this number of people per 100 thousand. residents have been infected with the coronavirus in the past seven days.

528 people died in the last 24 hours due to the coronavirus. The total number of infections in Germany is 2,342,843, and deaths due to Covid-19 – 65,604.
From Berlin Berenika Lemańczyk (PAP)