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Coronavirus: Vaccination doctor arrested in fraud scandal issuing blank vaccination cards

A vaccination doctor from Berlin has been arrested for issuing blank vaccination cards. The 43 year-old lady worked in the vaccination centre in the arena in Eichenstrasse, Treptow.

A police spokesman said that in addition to her regular vaccination work, she is said to have stamped vaccination cards and batch stickers.

The doctor was arrested at the vaccination centre and released after her personal details were taken down.

The police are investigating the case as fraud.

The woman is assumed to run a practice in Mariendof. She was shocked when an employee of the vaccination centre discovered the blank ID cards last Wednesday 10th June 2021.

The employee informed management at the vaccination centre which then called the police to investigate into the matter.

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The employee of the vaccination centre noticed how the doctor issued blank IDs. The hustle and bustle struck him as suspicious, so he informed the management. Because the doctor couldn’t explain herself, the police were alerted.

In the locker of the 43-year-old, cash in the amount of 1000 euros is said to have been found. The police are currently checking whether the cash found is related to the allegation.

The officers questioned the woman, confiscated several blank vaccination cards and vaccination doses and searched her locker, that’s when they found the cash.

She is said to have stuck batch stickers for the corona vaccination in blank ID cards and then stamped them. Apparently only to sell the forged documents on the black market to unvaccinated people.

It remains un clear how many vaccination cards that are already in circulation but the police are still investigating the matter.

Source: Berliner Morgenpost, BZ-Berlin,