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Germany, Coronavirus testing prices to increase significantly

Germany: From October 11th onward, it will no longer be possible to perform free coronavirus test in Germany. For those not vaccinated, testing will be quite expensive. Here’s how much coronavirus testing will cost from October 2021 in Germany:

New restrictions set to take effect from August 23, which will affect the unvaccinated the most

The government declared that from August 23rd, all Federal States will have to implement the new restrictions. From the 23rd, people across Germany who have no been vaccinated or recovered will have to undergo a coronavirus test if they want to; go to a pub, a hairdresser, a concert of stay over-night at a hotel.

Moreover, a negative test result will have to be presented when visiting patients in hospitals and people living in nursing homes.

The coronavirus test will not only be compulsory in shops, gas stations, pharmacies, doctors offices and long-distance public transport.

 Länder may introduce mandatory testing if the incidence increases by at least 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. If the number is lower, they remain free to decide whether to implement this rule.

From August 23, the Rapid Antigen Test will only be valid for 24 hours from the date of issue .

Vaccinated persons and convalescents will need to have the appropriate certificates with them

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End to free trials from October 11th

There were free citizenship test that shall now be lifted from October 11th. this mans that after this date, unvaccinated people who want to g out to : church, restaurant etc will have to privately test for the presence of coronavirus.

The counter measure to those who can’t be vaccinated now is that the government will reimburse them, this is, for example, children under 12 and pregnant women.

Test prices to increase overwhelmingly:

It is estimated that due to the abolition of free coronavirus tests in Germany, their prices will increase significantly. Their prices can vary from 10 to 15 euros, although it is possible that they will cost 20 euros.

If the rapid antigen test actually costs 20 euros, unvaccinated parents with two unvaccinated children will have to pay at least 80 euros to go to a restaurant or cinema.