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Germany: The federal government plans to change the criteria for introducing epidemic restrictions

Germany: The key criterion for introducing epidemic restrictions in Germany is still the number of cases of Covid-19. According to Health Minister Jens Spahn, this should now be replaced by a number of hospitalisations.

In the German Infection Protection Act, the criterion for tightening or loosening them is the incidence rate. Currently, the number is 50 cases per 100,000. people. Spahn believes that this should change and focus on the number of hospitalisations caused by the coronavirus, reports Tagesschau.

Minister Jens Spahn explains that the provisions made sense at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic , in relation to the unvaccinated population.

He called for the number of hospitalisations of patients with Covid-19 to be adopted as a more reliable indicator in establishing safety rules and introducing any new restrictions.

“The politician of the CDU wants to present an appropriate proposal to change the law before the federal elections,” emphasises “Tagesschau”. All the more so as “some federal states have already moved away from focusing on morbidity.”

“I suggest that this benchmark of 50 maturity be quickly removed from the rules,” says Spahn.

Armin Laschet, the CDU / CSU chancellor’s candidate, has a similar opinion on Bild TV: “We have already learned that the sheer number of cases does not matter. The incidence at the level of 50 is not the same today as last year, because many people have been vaccinated ”.

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Christine Lambrecht, Federal Minister of Justice, commented on the situation on Bild TV: “I believe that the threshold of 50 cases is unnecessary. These guidelines were developed when the number of infections was high and there were not enough vaccines.

Instead, we should take into account the vaccination rate, the health system situation and the increase in infections. This was decided at the Prime Minister’s last meeting, ”informed Lambrecht.