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Germany launches first shut down coal-fired power plant, its back in operation

German news. Coal-fired power plant. In order to save natural gas, coal-fired power plants are allowed to go back on the grid from the reserve.

The Mehrum power plant in Hohenhameln, Lower Saxony, between Hanover and Braunschweig , which belongs to the Czech energy group EPH is now in operation.

According to Spiegel, Since July 14, an ordinance has allowed hard coal-fired power plants from the so-called grid reserve to be put back into operation in order to save natural gas. According to the Federal Network Agency, natural gas accounted for 11.2 percent of power generation in June in June.

There still exists controversy within the Federal government about generating electricity from gas. Finance Minister, Christian Lindner, called for a stop to this.

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“We have to work to ensure that the gas crisis does not lead to an electricity crisis.”

He added that electricity can no longer be produced with gas, as is still happening.