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Germany Kindergeld Benefit: Officials warn of the pitfall of applying online

Germany Kindergeld Benefit: It is estimated that tens of thousands of parents who have applied for Kindergeld Child Benefit online may have problems receiving the benefit.

These are people who submitted the application through various internet portals. As informs, these portals help users to prepare and send the application to the Familienkasse for a fee . As it turns out, most of these applications never reach the offices or are immediately rejected by them for formal reasons.

“The forms used by intermediaries are often out of date,” explains Marco Lemme, head of the family benefits department at the family benefits office at the headquarters of the Federal Employment Agency (BA). in Nuremberg.

The official further explains that applications submitted by intermediary portals often do not contain a handwritten signature of the applicant, and this is one of the conditions for the application to be accepted by the Family Funds.

Portal describes the problems of many parents on the example of the child’s mother, who has applied for Kindergeld through one of the four most popular sites offering help. She downloaded a special application, paid 30 euros, but the application never reached the Familienkasse. “There are thousands of such parents in Germany,” officials say. They are calling for applications to be made directly to the family allowances fund: It is free of charge, and in case of problems with filling in the application, the officials will help you.

Officials point out that the graphics of intermediaries’ websites are often very similar to the websites of the Family Funds and the Employment Office, which is why people often fall into the “brokerage trap”. Meanwhile, there are only two official websites of offices dealing with accepting applications for family benefits, and these are the websites: ,

Child benefit in Germany. Kindergeld is a family benefit paid to all people with children who work in Germany. In 2021, the benefit rates are as follows:
EUR 219  for the first and second child
EUR 225  for the third child
EUR 250  for each subsequent child.

More about Kindergeld and the documents that must be attached to the application can be found in the article: Kindergeld in 2021 – how much it is and how to get it.