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Germany: Change to quarantine rules for travellers to Berlin

From tomorrow, new quarantine rules will apply to travellers to Berlin. Below is the statement of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Berlin on the change in the regulations:

From November 21, 2020 (Saturday) , the amendment to the Berlin regulation on the prevention of the SARS-CoV-2 infectious disease comes into force . It exempts from quarantine persons entering the high-risk area to visit the family (first – father, mother, children and second degree – brother, sister), life partners who do not belong to the same household or to care for people under guardianship for a period up to 72 hours (so far up to 24 hours)

This means that while living in Berlin, you can visit your closest family in Poland for up to 72 hours. and take advantage of the quarantine waiver upon return.

What are Germany’s new quarantine rules for travellers from risk areas?

Remember to reliably document that your stay did not exceed 72 hours. – e.g. via train tickets or text messages from the network operator when crossing the border.

Confirmation of electronic registration may be required by the carrier or in the event of an inspection upon entry into Germany.

More information on restrictions on travel to Germany can be found on the website of the Polish Embassy in Rome .

Source: Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Rome ,