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Germany, Bundestag members facing death threats

Germany: A list circulating on the internet that contains the members of the Bundestag who voted for the ‘ federal emergency break’ is leading to death threats being made to them. The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) see no threat to those affected.

Tagesspiegel reported that there’s a letter in which the SPD security officer, Gabriele Katzmarek, informed the members of her parliamentary group about the “death list of German politicians”

In her letter, Katzmarek called on the SPD MPs to be vigilant. You should contact the BKA, “should you notice something directly or in your environment”, quoted the “Tagesspiegel” from the letter.

The BKA confirmed that the list was being spread by popular messaging app Telegram and that there were other lists circulating on the internet.

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The authority finds no real motive of harm and therefore does not see any threat to the MPs concerned for the tine being.

The situation shall be examined farther should it escalate.

The parliamentary group of the Union wants to address the list in the coming week in the so-called security round of the groups.

Who voted ‘yes’ to the ‘Federal Emergency Brake’

342 MPs from the SPD and Union voted yes to the amendment of the Infection Protection Act in association with the ‘Federal Emergency Brake’. The Greens abstained, while the AfD Left Party and FDP voted against it.

Source: Tagesschau,