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Germany: Traffic dispute escalates in Berlin, one driver stabbed the other

Traffic dispute escalates in Berlin, one driver stabbed the other.

German news. Traffic dispute in Berlin leads to driver being stabbed. Two drivers got into an argument on Baumschulenstraße in Treptow-Köpenick where the two drivers had started by yelling at each other and when they got to a red light, one stabbed the other with a knife.

According to t-online, the argument began around 7:30 p.m Wednesday on Autobahn 113: There, a 51-year-old is said to have overtaken and cut a 36-year-old family man who was in the car with his wife and children.

The 51-year-old is said to have braked while driving several times taunting the younger man for no reason while they were on the road.

A police spokesperson said that when a small traffic jam formed at a red traffic light, the 36-year-old got out to confront the other. The man ran furiously to his opponent’s VW Caddy and among other things, also kicked his car.

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The 51-year-old then grabbed a knife and is said to have stabbed the 36-year-old through the car window. He is also reported to have dislocated the man’s shoulder.

The father of the family suffered a cut on his hand, among other injuries. According to the 51-year-old, he too had become violent. Accordingly, he hit the older man’s chest with his fists and hammered the car door against his leg.

The scene was very quickly reported to the police who arrived with several emergency vehicles to pacify the station. Paramedic treated the stabbed driver and he was taken to hospital for further treatment wrote

The older man is under investigation for dangerous bodily harm.

Source: t-online, bz-berlin