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Germany: Berlin train companies offering free rides September 22

Germany: Berlin offers free train rides. On September 22nd people in Berlin might get to experience free public transport.

All local transport in the AB tariff area can be used free of charge this Wednesday, Transport Senator Regine Günther (Greens) announced on Thursday in the Berlin House of Representatives.

BVG trains and buses will be involved and the trains of the S-Bahn Berlin and the regional transport operators in Berlin.

How much will be the ticket-free day cost?

The ticket free day will cost almost 800,000 euros for BVG but it will be a nice relief for commuters. The senator said that the BVG was in talks about the amount of the compensation payment. How much had to be paid to Deutsche Bahn was not discussed.

Berlin’s contribution to European Car-free Day

The fact that no Berliner has to buy a ticket on September 22nd is Berlin’s contribution to the Europe-wide, car-free day and goes back to the initiative of the parliamentary groups of the SPD, the Left and the Greens.

The coalition’s proposal from February 2020 said that the strengths of the environmental associations and the associated advantage of the citizens are to be brought to the fore with visible actions and measures.

Also, many streets will be reserved for pedestrians on September 22nd.

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Source: Berliner-kurier