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Germany: Bavaria, Berlin ease COVID-19 rules for vaccinated people

Germany: Some German states have announced that they are lifting some COVID-19 restrictions for fully vaccinated people in states such as Bavaria and Berlin. This decision comes ahead of the Federal Government’s schedule.

Bavaria will no longer require people who have received both COVID-19 jabs to get rapid Antigen tests before activities like going to the hairdresser, state premier Markus Söder said on Tuesday.

“Those who have received two injections (of the vaccine) will no longer have to present tests as of tomorrow (Wednesday),” Söder said.

Currently people have to present a negative rapid COVID-19 in order to get a haircut or visit a non-essential shop.

According to the Bavarian state chancellery, fully vaccinated people will be put on an equal footing with people who have tested negative.

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Privileges such as access to currently closed facilities like swimming pools and restaurants are not yet available for Bavaria.

The German government is making plans to abolish the existence of priority list to have everyone in Germany vaccinated by July. We wrote about it <<here>>.