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Germany appoints Reem Alabali Rodovan as the first anti-racism commissioner

Reem Alabali- Radovan has been appointed as Federal Government Commissioner for anti-racism by the cabinet of Germany.

Reem Alabali Radovan appointed as first anti-racism commissioner

She is the first ever commissioner to hold the tittle. The new post was created by the traffic light coalition government consisting of the SPD , Greens and FDP in their coalition agreement.

Alabali-Radovan in her new role hopes to achieve a diversity strategy for the federal administration. While giving out her speech, she said ” My goal is that the diversity of our society is also reflected in the federal ministries and federal authorities.” She further explained how racism is a crime against humanity and those affected suffer physically and psychologically.

The new commissioner wants to coordinate the federal governments diverse measures against racism across departments to develop a national action plan against racism. She also plans to promote new projects for more prevention , educational work and research in order to strengthen civil society throughout Germany in the fight against racism.

Parliamentary Secretary of the SPD parliamentary group, Katja Mast said ” the fight against racism and discrimination in all its manifestations – is a top priority for us and its anchored directly in the chancellor’s office” He also said that he was sure that Reem Alabali – Radovan will tackle the task with a clear attitude and the necessary drive.

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