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Germany: Merkel meets prime ministers of federal states, more tightening of restrictions agreed on

Today at 12:30, Angela Merkel’s meeting with the heads of the 16 federal states regarding the new restrictions will begin. Here’s what we know so far:

Another meeting between Angela Merkel and the presidents of the 16 federal states on the restriction that will apply from Autumn 2021 will begin at 12:30. As reported by ‘BILD’ the parties have so far agreed on the following issues:

► Restrictions for the un-vaccinated  “Vaccinated persons and convalescent will be exempt from federal or provincial regulations that define testing requirements.” Vaccinated and convalescents are also expected to be released from quarantine after returning from an area with high coronavirus prevalence.

► Tests for the un-vaccinated before entering clubs, restaurants, churches Before the end of August, new restrictions will be introduced regarding the introduction of mandatory testing for un-vaccinated people before entering clubs, restaurants, churches, clinics and nursing homes.

► End of free testing From October, tests are to remain free only for children and people who cannot be vaccinated against Covid-19.

► The obligation to wear a mask indoors , in buses, trains and trams will be extended .

► Limiting the number of people at celebrations, parties, as well as at discos and clubs.

Maintaining the pandemic

On September 7, a decision will be made to extend the pandemic restrictions in Germany, which now applies until September 11.

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