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Germany: 4 killed in Oberlin Clinic in Potsdam, 51 yr old woman arrested

Germany: German police said 4 people were killed in Oberlin clinic in Potsdam, they also detained a female employee and one person was reported to be seriously injured.

The female employee detained was a 51 year old woman who was ‘urgently suspected’ of the killings. Police spokesman Thorsten Herbst told the AP news agency hat the suspect even worked in the clinic itself.

There is no determined motive for the crime that is clearly understaoon or stared.

A spokesman for Brandenburg state police said officers were called to the Oberlin Clinic shortly before 9 p.m. local time. A chaplain was also seen at the site.

Police said the victims’ injuries indicated “intense external violence.”

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Local newspaper Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten reported the victims were patients at the clinic.

The Tagesspiegel newspaper reported that the crime took place at a unit where people with mental development issues are treated for muscle and skeletal illnesses.

The Oberlin Clinic is a specialist orthopaedic hospital with some 160 beds and 300 staff, according to its website. Its based in Potsdam, the capital of Brandeburg, the state that surrounds the German capital.

The complex where the crime took place includes a clinic, kindergartens and schools, workplaces and housing for people with disabilities, and clinics, Berliner Morgenpost reported

Source: DW