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Germany 2020: New traffic rules, fines and violations come into force

New traffic rules will come into force in Germany starting April 28. Here’s what offences we’ll pay more.

From April 28, Germany will amend the StVO (Straßenverkehrs-Ordnung) road traffic regulations, to introduce new traffic rules: among others, measures tightening the penalties for blocking the rescue lane, improper parking or speeding both in urban areas and outside.

Commenting on the new regulations, Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer said: “We want greater protection for cyclists and incentives for people using car-sharing and for electric vehicles. From now on, anyone who blocks the emergency lane will be severely punished.”

He added that he was happy that the new traffic rules will “make our mobility safer, more climate-friendly and fairer. The new rules especially protect more vulnerable road users.” As well as measures for protecting cyclists, the new rules also ensure advantages for car sharing and electric cars.”

The new traffic regulations and fines applicable for violations

Blocking an emergency lane

Whoever blocks an emergency vehicle lane (Rettungsgasse) or fails to give easy access to the emergency services. Will now face a fine of between 200 and 320 euros. They will also get 2 penalty points and a driving ban for one month.

Cyclist protection

Pursuant to the amendment, vans and trucks over 3.5 t in built-up areas at the right turn may not drive faster than 10 km/h. Whoever breaks this rule will face a fine of 70 euros and receive a one penalty point. Cyclists can ride side by side as long as they do not interfere with traffic.

Drivers ahead of cyclists or other road users must maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m in built-up areas and 2 m outside built-up areas.

Parking violations

You will have to pay 35 euros instead of 15 euros for parking a vehicle in an unauthorized place, blocking visibility, for instance. You will have to pay 55 euros for obstructing the fire brigade instead of the current 35 euros.

Whoever obstructs emergency services will be fined 100 euros and receive a one penalty point.

Unauthorized parking in a place for cars of the disabled or in places provided for electric cars and car-sharing will be punished by a 55 euro fine. For stopping or parking in the second row, you risk a fine of up to 100 euros.

Double-parking and parking on footpaths and bike lanes will attract an increased fine of 100 euros, from the current 15 euros. The same fine will be applicable to those who park on designated bike lanes, marked by a continuous white line, as well as advisory bike lanes (protective strips – Schutzstreifen) marked by a broken white line.

A driver who hurts or causes a damage or parks for longer than an hour on a footpath or cycle lane will receive a point on their driving licence.

Speed offences

An 80-euro fine will be slapped on whoever is caught exceeding the speed limit by 21 km/h in inner-city areas, However on the country roads, these penalties amount to 95 euros respectively, and you lose your driving license for a month when you exceed the speed limit by 26 km/h.

The warning fine of minor violations of up to 10 km/h above the speed limit will triple from 10 to 30 euros.

Details in the  German fines catalog


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