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German president encourages immigrants in Germany to obtain German citizenship

Germany: German President “Frank-Walter Steinmeier” encourages foreigners residing in Germany to take advantage of their right to obtain German citizenship when they fulfil the conditions. “Only then will you actually have the same rights, and only then can you really participate,” said Steinmeier, Friday May 21, in Berlin at the naturalisation document award ceremony.

At the same time, Steinmeier called on the Germans to recognize the “natural affiliation” of the people who came here, explaining that Germany has gradually become an attractive country for immigration and will still need immigration in the future as well.

At a ceremony held at the presidential palace of Bellevue, four women and two men from Berlin and Brandenburg received German citizenship and a copy of the Basic Law (the constitution in Germany), which will turn 72 years old next Sunday.

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Steinmeier stated that the constitution is “the basis of our common coexistence, as it guarantees democracy, the rule of law, religious freedom, equality, freedom of expression and the right to free development,” adding that it imposes respect for everyone’s freedom, non-discrimination against anyone, resolving disputes by peaceful means and seeking compromises, and he said: “This is often exhausting and arduous, but there is no other way in a democracy.”

Steinmeier emphasised that despite the guaranteed freedom of expression and demonstration, the following applies: “We do not tolerate anti-Semitism – regardless of who it is issued – in our country.” 

Steinmeier worried that there were immigrants, some of whom lived here as young as the fourth generation, who did not feel a sense of belonging. And they talk about “being targeted by racism and exclusion, and that they are subjected to injustice in working life, when looking for housing and when dealing with the authorities.”

He said, “Only when Germany becomes part of the people who come to us, and when we see at the same time people who have immigrated and want to live. Here as a part of us, only then will we have common ground. Only then will we truly live up to our demands that we are a common ground for all the people who live here ”.

The German president also called upon naturalised persons after obtaining German citizenship to participate in politics in Germany. He said, “Democracy needs you! Our common land needs your point of view and your experience, ”noting that the percentage of MPs and politicians of foreign origins has increased, and added:“ But we cannot be satisfied with that. “There is still a long way to go for the percentage to reflect the diversity in Germany.”

Source: Abwab