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German man accused of sending parcels of explosives to food companies arrested

German police said they have arrested a 66-year-old retired man accused of sending parcels of explosive materials to food companies in Germany.

The Special Police Forces managed to arrest the man in his home. The police and Heidelberg Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement that the man “did not resist the police officers during his arrest”.

It was reported that the retired man, who is from Ulm, sent three parcels containing explosives to one of the headquarters of the “Lidl” stores in the German city of Neckarsulm, the “Wild Drink” factory in Ibelheim and the “Hipp” baby food factory. “Investigators believe it is unlikely that the suspect has sent other packages of bombs,” police said.

It is noteworthy that, last Wednesday, February 17, three people were hospitalised as a result of the explosion of a package that was sent to the Lidl headquarters in Neckarsulm. Police forces evacuated about 100 workers to a safe place.

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A similar explosion was also recorded in Abelheim with Wild Drink, which owns the Capri-Sun brand.

The German authorities also confirmed that an explosive device was found in the parcel distribution centre at Munich Airport, and the competent teams managed to neutralise it on Wednesday evening. Parcels containing explosives were also sent to the Bavarian baby food company Hipp.