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German lost in Romania: “I don’t know where I am. I left Germany and I don’t know where I ended up “

A 42-year-old German citizen who got lost in Romania arrived in the Doman neighbourhood of Resita called 112 on Saturday, November 28, to say that he did not know where he was. The police force found him chilling in a churchyard.

“I do not know where I am. I left Germany and I don’t know where I ended up “, said the German citizen after calling 112.

Following the call, the intervention group of the Caraş-Severin County Police force Inspectorate went to the Doman neighbourhood and found the German citizen in the yard of a church.

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Following the verifications, it was found that a 42-year-old German lost in Romania was sleeping on a makeshift bed near the fountain next to a place of worship. After checking the doors and windows of the church, as there were no signs of forcing the locks, a crew from the Caras-Severin Ambulance Service was called to the scene to transport the person to the hospital, who needed medical care “, states the representatives of the Caraş-Severin Gendarmerie.

According to the quoted source, the German citizen claimed that he entered the country through the Nădlac customs point, on foot, having with him a backpack with clothes and two nets, informs Adevărul.

Source: Ziarul Romanesc