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German government announces aid for victims of floods in Western Germany

The recent floods have cost Germany billions of Euros in damage to homes, businesses, roads and rails. The German government has declared it is set to release emergency aid to rebuild the affected regions.

In a meeting with cabinet on Wednesday (21st July), German Chancellor Angela Merkel talked about an emergency fund in order to approve an enormous emergency relief package to rebuild Germany’s flood areas.

The worst case of the flooding killed at least 169 in Germany last week this is including number from neighbouring country Belgium an the Netherlands, the death toll rises to over 200.

Damages cause by the floods have left many devastated and trying regain their lives.

The meeting came to the conclusion that Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said that the Federal government agreed to allocate 200M euros in emergency aid funding.

German news agency dpa had earlier reported that an initial relief package of 400M euros was expected, with half coming from the Federal governments and the rest from state governments.

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Later on, a much large package worth billions to rebuild essential infrastructure is anticipated while the damaged is still being assessed. The damage to the roads should be about 2M euros as an estimated ballpark figure.

The money will be drawn from federal ans regional budgets. Germany is also requesting relief from the EU solidarity Fund.

Merkel promised that the Federal Governments would work as fast as possible to deliver aid to the devastated areas where some of the victims were quite literally left bereft of basic needs.

She hopes to get aid to people within ‘a matter of days.’

Source: DW, dpa