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German doctors: Give COVID-19 vaccines according to health, not age

All the people living in Germany who want to take COVID-19 vaccination should be able to do so once the number of doses available increases, a German general practitioners association has said.

The doctors’ group said the prioritization of certain demographic groups when it comes to coronavirus vaccinations should be set aside immediately a high quantity of vaccinations is available, DPA reported.

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“The prioritization was and is a good guideline for doctors while the vaccine is still available in small quantities,” Ulrich Weigeldt of the Deutscher Hausaerzteverband association told Rheinische Post newspaper.

“However, we will soon no longer have to look so much at numbers, but increasingly at people’s health,” Weigeldt said.

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He noted that once quantity of doses available exceeds a certain level, the priority must be “to get vaccines as quickly as possible to everyone who can and wants to.”