Travel ban: Kenya added to UK’s COVID-19 ‘red list’

From Friday 9 April 2021 international visitors who have departed from or transited through Kenya will be refused entry into England

Kenya is one of the countries added to the England’s red list to protect the country against new variants of coronavirus (COVID-19). The other two countries are Philippines and Pakistan.

In statement, the UK Government said: “From 4am on Friday 9 April, international visitors who have departed from or transited through Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya and Bangladesh in the previous 10 days will be refused entry into England.”

The UK Government added: “Only British and Irish citizens, or those with residence rights in the UK (including long-term visa holders), will be allowed to enter and they must stay in a government-approved quarantine facility for 10 days. They will also be required to arrive into a designated port. No direct flight bans from these countries will be put in place, but passengers are advised to check their travel plans before departing for England. During their stay, passengers will be required to take a coronavirus test on or before day 2 and on or after day 8, and they will not be allowed to shorten their quarantine period on receipt of a negative test result. They will also not be able to end their managed quarantine early through the Test to Release scheme”

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