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Floods in Germany: Six dead, 50 missing in violent storms in Western states

Floods in Germnay: At least six people have died in Western Germany as heavy rains and flooding plagued the country. Six houses collapsed leaving some 50 people missing – DW.

it was reported that six people have died in the Ahrweiler district of Rhineland-Palatinate amid heavy rains and flooding, local police said on Thursday.

From the catastrophe, around 50 people went missing after six houses collapsed in Rhineland-Palatinate following hours of torrential rain. Police said that about 25 more buildings in the Schuld region were at the risk of caving in.

“We currently have an unclear number of people on roofs who need to be rescued,” a spokesperson for the Koblenz police said. “There are many places where fire brigades and rescue workers have been deployed. We do not yet have a very precise picture because rescue measures are continuing.”

Heavy rains wreaked havoc in Western Germany on Wednesday prompting mass damage and leading to mass evictions with several motorways closed.

“The situation is very serious, we have many flooded roads and villages that are no longer accessible,” District Administrator Julia Gieseking said from the town of Daun late Wednesday.

She added that the state of emergency would allow the military to join relief efforts.

The German Weather Service warned that southwestern parts of the country could expect heavy rainstorms on Thursday, with continuous downpour all through Friday evening.


The Germany Army sent over 250 soldiers and heavy machinery to help clear streets affected by flooding.

The flooding has left about 200,000 households in western Germany without elecricity and the country’s largest power distribution grid company Westnetz said that the company’s grid supplies around 7.5 million in large parts of the North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate with power, gas, water and heat.

Source: DW