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BREAKING NEWS: 25-year-old stabbed to death in Frankfurt, suspects arrested

A fatal knife attack took place in Frankfurt on Wednesday evening where an unknown person stabbed a 25-year-old to death.

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The victim died in hospital on Thursday night.

The act happened around 9PM in the Heddernheim district. The victim asked passers-by for help while still on the street (Im Heidenfeld) and then collapsed with a bleeding wound in the upper body. Emergency services took the young man with stab wounds to a clinic where he later died – BILD.

Investigators discovered a trail of blood that led to a nearby allotment garden where the police found a blank gun and a backpack.

Witnesses told the officers that two men from there rushed to a car with Osnabrück license plates and drove away.

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That Thursday night, the investigators identified two suspects in the area around the holder. The police arrested the suspects, one 20 years old, at the Sutthauser Strasse/Holzhauser Strasse roundabout in Georgsmarienhutte-Holzhauser.

One of the two arrested collapsed after the arrest and was taken to a hospital – his personal details are therefore not yet known.

The reasons for committing the crime are still unclear.

Source: BILD