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Six countries removed from the EU ‘safe travel’ list.

EU safe travel list: The EU has decided to remove Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brunei, Japan and Serbia from the EU’s “safe travel” list, meaning their nationals will be subject to tighter controls on Covid-19 at the EU’s borders.

At the same time, the Union decided to add Uruguay to the list.

The list that is, is intended to standardise the rules across the EU, although it does not bind individual EU countries that are free to define their own border policy. It is successively updated on the basis of the latest disease data.

The EU list currently includes 17 countries, including Canada, Japan and New Zealand.

The EU continues to admit most non-Community visitors who are fully vaccinated, although some countries have testing and a quarantine period depending on the country of arrival in the EU.

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From Brussels, Łukasz Osiński ( PAP )