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Easter colder than Christmas as Germany is gripped by cold and snow

The glorious sunshine experienced in Germany until last week is no more. Parts of the country are gripped by cold and covered in snow once again.


DW reports that the Easter holiday period in Germany was even colder than Christmas.

The sudden return of winter to Bavaria in April caused accidents and long traffic jams on highways.

Experts have also warned that in the Alps, heavy snowfall has increased the danger of avalanches.

The German National Meteorological Service (DWD) on Easter Monday warned drivers of icy roads at this time of the year when “many people have already exchanged their snow tires for regular summer tires.”

The southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg has also been hit by cold and snow. DW reports that in the area fragrant apple blossoms already covered the trees. Farmers hope the cold snap hasn’t destroyed fruit crops.

And the cold weather is still here to stay. According to the DWD, the cold and damp weather will continue throughout this week.

The DWD forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.German-weather-forecast