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Digital Coronavirus certificate Germany, recovered and vaccinated people can now travel

Digital Coronavirus certificate Germany: Fully vaccinated people and those who have recovered can now acquire a digital coronavirus certificate, especially now in Baden-Württemberg.

People who have recovered from Corona and those who have been vaccinated have been able to get a digital vaccination certificate in pharmacies since Friday (9th July 2021).

The State Pharmacy Association confirmed this to the SWR.

In the past, it was technically not possible to provide evidence for people who had recovered and had only been vaccinated once, but now people who have received the single dose can have the certificate from the servers of the Robert Koch Institute.

SWR reported that according to the State Ministry of Social Affairs, those who have recovered and those who have been vaccinated afterwards must show their identity card and vaccination certificate, with which they prove the one-time vaccination.

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When can I travel after receiving my corona vaccination certificate

A PCR result that proves your infection must also be submitted. Alternatively, a medical certificate or a segregation certificate is also possible, according to the ministry. 

The system might not be effective everywhere but it should be from Monday, said the spokesman for the state pharmacy association.

The new change should see that those who have recovered have a carefree summer

The offer is free for citizens, pharmacies receive a good 5.04 euros plus VAT.

Source: SWR