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Covid vaccine Germany, How to get your digital pass for travel in the EU

The German government launched the EU digital Covid pass on July 1st that should make travel within the EU much easier. So how can I get it in Germany?

You have to be fully jabbed to use the digital vaccination certificate (known in Germany as the Impfpass or Impfnachweis). You can upload the certificate to your phone – either in the CovPass app or the Corona Warn app. And two weeks after your last jab, you’re good to go.

The next stage of the app development will allow you to store your record of results be they positive or negative or recovery from covid. Users of the app are exempt from quarantining and test obligations when travelling if they are fully vaccinated or are recovered.

EU countries will still decide what restrictions they set for those travelling within the countries should there be tighter restrictions due to the freedoms of loosened due to vaccination status.

Where can I get the covid pass?

When gong for your jabs the digital proof of vaccination should be generated in the doctor’s office or at the vaccination centre.

Everyone vaccinated should receive a paper certificate with a code on it that can be scanned into your phone and one should receive a code for each shot. The code received can be scanned into your smartphone.

Should you already have your shots done at a vaccination centre, the centres should send out the QR codes in the pst or make them available through an online portal.

Your local authority should follow up on what procedure is in place.

In Germany, if you have been previously vaccinated at a doctor’s practice, the doctor should issue you with a certificate, but if you do not manage to attain a digital covid pass then you can visit a pharmacy for one.

Pharmacy staff can check your evidence of vaccination, plus photo ID, and then issue you with the QR code.

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Coronavirus, Germany launches digital COVID-19 certificate

What you should know about the Digital Corona Vaccination certificate

How does the covid pass work?

People in Germany download the CovPass app to scan the vaccination certificate (QR code) in the app when needed.

Take note that the CovPass is only available on the German iTunes Store but will be extended to other app stores.

Once I have my app, can I use it to travel immediately?

The digital covid app was created for the sake of travel within the EU and wont be available to countries outside the EU. This might change with time.

You can also use it for proof of vaccination in Germany, for example at restaurants or for events. 

Why have the EU covid pass?

The Local reported that the EU digital Covid certificate “will facilitate safe free movement of citizens in the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic.” This means that essentially there will be no quarantine measures or need to supply negative covid tests before or after travel.

The idea is that the document – which can be on paper or stored electronically on smartphones – will carry proof via a QR code that the holder has either:

  • been vaccinated against Covid-19
  • recently recovered from the virus (meaning the holder has antibodies in their system)
  • recently tested negative for Covid 

This proof can be shown to whoever requires it, whether border police or airline and rail officials.

What happens if you have a foreign vaccination certificate?

In Germany you might be able to access the digital pass if you take your foreign vaccination pass to a pharmacy and ask them to convert it for you.

The only prerequisite is that it must be a vaccine approved in the EU.

Source: The Local