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“After the vaccination, I was left with a smaller breast size!”, the effects on women discussed in Germany, what do the experts say

What are the effects of the Coronavirus vaccine on women? There are women who report having larger breasts after vaccination, this is the issue that was discussed in the  “Faktenfuchs” on the Bayerische Rundfunk (BR).

In addition to quite common reactions, such as headaches, chills or even fever for a short time after the injection, a different effect also appeared, the German press reports.

Not only common vaccination reactions, such as pain at the injection site, but also other consequences of vaccination are reported. There are women whose bra does not fit anymore after vaccination. In its fact-finding series ‘Faktenfuchs’, the Bayerische Rundfunk (BR) addressed this issue of whether vaccination really allows bust growth.

According to BR, some posts of those affected can be found on Twitter and other social channels.

For example, a TikTok user posted a video of her cleavage with the comment “I swear to God I’m almost 2 numbers bigger.”

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Marion Kiechle, director of the gynecological clinic Universitätsklinikum Rechts der Isar , classifies such reports as follows: “We have never seen a breast augmentation and none of our patients have ever reported it. In my opinion, there is no medical justification for swelling or even breast enlargement due to a crown vaccination.

Ulrike Protzer, director of the Institute of Virology at the Technical University of Munich, agrees with this assessment: “I have never been informed about this, I do not know objective data about this and there are no entries in the databases on these effects. secondary ”.

However, it is theoretically possible for the bust to be larger after crown vaccination. This is the view of Dr. Thorsten Koch of the Brustzentrum Klinikum Nürnberg.

In this case, it is a reactive enlargement of the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes swell as a result of the immune reaction, which can disrupt the leakage of lymph fluid, according to Koch, quoted by BR.

This could lead to temporary water retention and also to a temporarily enlarged breast, he said.

However, in a telephone interview with BR, Chief Physician Koch informs that no patient has ever told him about enlarged breasts after the crown vaccination.