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Coronavirus: Number of cases in Germany continues to rise

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has so far infected 85,778 people in Germany and killed 1,158 people, a new report by the German disease and epidemic control center, Robert Koch Institute (RKI) shows.

The incidence (cases per 100,000) of COVID-19 is highest in Bavaria (168), Baden-Württemberg (154) and Hamburg (146).

Most of the people (71%) infected by coronavirus in Germany are between 15 and 59 years old.

As of today, 51% of the infected are men while 49% are women.

Coronavirus kills mainly people aged 70 years or older. In fact, 86% of all the deaths occur in people in that age bracket.

The latest report by Robert Koch Institute (RKI) shows that there is an increase in cases of COVID-19 outbreaks in nursing homes and hospitals. In some of these outbreaks, the number of deaths is relatively high.

Some of the measures introduced by the German authorities to curb the spread of coronavirus include banning gatherings of more than 2 persons (with the exception of families and household members) in all states.

Authorities have also ordered the closure of restaurants and businesses concerned with body care.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has said the coronavirus lockdown will remain in place for a while. While Merkel sees some hope in the situation improving in Germany, she is not yet ready to set an end date for the nationwide restrictions on public life. In a video address to nation on Friday she said next week’s Easter holidays will be “completely different than any we had before.,” DW reported.

Distribution of the laboratory-confirmed COVID-19-cases per federal state in Germany as on 4/4/2020

Baden-Wuerttemberg 17,014

Bavaria 21,908

Berlin 3,471

Brandenburg 1,211

Bremen 354

Hamburg 2,697

Hesse 4,279

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 501

Lower Saxony 5,571

North Rhine-Westphalia 17,885

Rhineland-Palatinate 3,504

Saarland 1,265

Saxony 2,591

Saxony-Anhalt 896

Schleswig-Holstein 1,559

Thuringia 1,072

Total 85,778