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Coronavirus: Merkel considers 18 month entertainment closure

A senior adviser to Merkel’s government has warned that it might be wise to keep places of public entertainment closed for the next 18 months to curb the spread of coronavirus. This includes football stadia, concert halls and festival grounds.

This piece of advice was coming from the president of the Leopoldin Acadaemy of sciences, Gerald Haug

‘There are also more optimistic assessments of the situation. But it will certainly last several months more, it could go up to a year-and-a-half.’

Haug said that it could take many months, maybe up to a year and a half for people to feel safe when going for activities such as the watching of football at stadia.

The 52 year old pointed out that the coronavirus pandemic won’t die down until a vaccine has been found and only until then.

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However, the Germans might not have to give up the Bundesliga completely this year. The German Soccer League has scheduled an extraordinary general meeting for Friday. Then a decision is to be made about a possible continuation of the season in the Bundesliga in May. 

For the time being, the DFL is planning “ghost games” in order to save at least a large portion of the outstanding TV money and sponsorship income of around 750 million euros. 

The letter of recommendations to politicians states that depending on the possible spatial distance and the contact intensities of those involved, social, cultural and sporting events should be made possible again.

In the wake of the crisis a lot of management had to be done and this meant reducing all contact. With the current situation it becomes possible to suggest the notion that maybe life could get back to normal.

There have been encouraging news that step by step, primary and lower secondary school, retail and catering are to be reopened and the economy could be opened again with quarantine and social distancing a thing of the past.

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Bu this doesn’t mean that measure such as wearing masks will be absolute as there is the risk of reinfection.

Germany might have to do with a lack of events for some time.