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Coronavirus Germany, What vaccinated and recovered people have freedom to do

Germany faces a change in the norm with the country experiencing new freedoms now due to the easing of coronavirus restrictions. Some of these are like the lack of a curfew and no limit to contacts with people. Here’s what you have the freedom to do:

There is a general lifting of restrictions in term of curfew regulations for those vaccinated and those who are recovered from infection. Contact regulations are also lifted for them and they are equal to thsoe who have tested negative.

Are vaccinated people and those not vaccinated allowed to meet?

Vaccinated people and those not vaccinated are now allowed to meet. In the case that people from different households wish to meet then it is possible now.

There are no contact restrictions.

Do vaccinated people and convalescent patients still need to test?

Should you produce a negative test then you are exempt from taking from taking a corona test. This could be a visit to the hairdresser or a purchase at the retail store.

When is a person considered recovered and vaccinated?

A person who is fully vaccinated (meaning they have received both doses of the vaccine) and 14 days have passed.

For the case of those who have recovered from COVID-19, it has t be at least 28 days ago. If the infection has been more than six months ago, one is no longer considered to have recovered. Because the antibodies formed by the immune system disappear again after a certain time. Vaccination is then recommended to this group.

Can those vaccinated contract covid-19 again?

Yes, they can contract the virus but they will have a lower rate of risk. According to the Paul Ehrlich Institute, the probability drops significantly compared to un-vaccinated people. We wrote about it <<HERE>>.

Can those vaccinated pass the pathogen to someone else?

The Standing Vaccination Commission assumes that those who have been completely vaccinated can only pass the pathogen on to a limited extent and that they play a smaller role in the infection process than those who have not been vaccinated because of the greatly reduced virus excretion. Vaccinated people are advised to continue to adhere to protective measures. Specifically: mask and distance.

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Can masks then also be discarded?

No. The mask regulations, but also the spacing rules, continue to apply to everyone.

What rules will be eased?

Vaccinated, convalescent and tested people are allowed to visit restaurants and stay overnight in accommodation establishments including campsites, they have their freedoms.

Tourism is already possible in model regions. In the district of North Friesland, in the Schleiregion and in Eckernförde, hotels and campsites are already open.

Source: Tagesschau