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Coronavirus Germany: Munich is now calling on the armed forces for help, the pandemic is getting out of hand

Coronavirus Germany: The city of Munich is now resorting to drastic measures due to the situation with the coronavirus pandemic and is calling on the armed forces – the Bundeswehr – for help, informs Münchener Merkur.

members of the German armed forces are now being called on for help with the state of coronavirus in Germany.

Although the lowest incidence of the coronavirus is currently reported in Munich, this does not correspond to reality. In order to control the extremely sensitive situation, the city is now resorting to drastic measures.

Munich takes drastic measures and calls the army

The city’s health department disclosed that there is a delay in the data entry and that the incidence reported by RKI is in fact too low. As the number of cases “can no longer be dealt with by the city forces”, the city is now receiving help from the German army forces.

According to official RKI figures on Monday, Munich was the only city and district in Bavaria with an incidence of 98.2 with a value below 100.

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The City Hall cannot currently say how much the incidence is underestimated, but it refers to the figures subsequently updated by RKI from the last days. There are clear deviations: the updated incidence, including with late registrations, is, for example, 212.7 for November 3, but RKI reported only 124.3 that day.