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Coronavirus Germany, government issues new travel rules

Coronavirus Germany: The German government has tightened the rules around travel when it comes to coming into the country for unvaccinated people, and those who are travellers from a high infection area.

The government decided that in light of the increase in infections, that unvaccinated travellers and business travellers who return to Germany from abroad should take a corona test.

According to the new rules stipulated from the 1st of August, all returning travellers must present one of the following documents when entering Germany:

  • Negative corona test
  • proof of complete vaccination
  • proof of recovery from after infection

The new entry rules apply to all counties the traveller is from whether a non-risk area, a high-risk area or an area with mutated viruses.

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In addition, a digital login (via the website: is required only when entering from a high-risk area, or an area with mutated viruses.

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn said, ”All unvaccinated people entering Germany in the future should be tested , regardless of what means they used to enter the country.

Travelling with a vaccination record is easier.