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Coronavirus in Germany: Bavaria sets new covid-19 rules

Coronavirus in Germany: Bavaria sets new covid-19 rules to curb the Omicron variant of the pandemic from Tuesday. Some of the rules will affect those vaccinated and those who have recovered.

Bavaria sets new rule and restrictions
Here are the rules and restrictions that have been set in Bavaria:-

Contact restrictions: There are only 10 people allowed to meet

From the 28th of December, a maximum of ten people can meet whether indoors or outdoors. Children under the age of 14 are exempt from restrictions.

More than 10 people are only allowed to meet in the catering trade.

Restaurants and eateries

The 2G rules will apply in restaurants and cafes in Bavaria in both indoors and outdoors. Only those who have recovered are allowed entry.

An exception is allowed for underage schoolchildren to visit a restaurants.

The curfew, which is already in effect from 10 p.m. for restaurants, will continue to apply. Exceptionally, it is only cancelled for New Year’s Eve.

Hosting private events

In Bavaria, the 2G-plus rule applies to private events that take place in separate rooms of the catering business.

According to the Ministry of Health, the ten-person limit must be observed there. Dance events are prohibited.

Leisure and cultural events

For those attending cinema, theatre, museums, bowling and other leisure activities indoors, the 2G rule will be enforced. Those who are vaccinated and convalescent would need a current negative corona test in addition to this.

2G is mandatory for activities that predominantly take place outdoors . This applies to visits to zoos, botanical gardens, excursion boats or amusement parks, for example. Fully vaccinated or recovered from Corona do not need a test certificate there. wrote that the age limit up to which unvaccinated children in Bavaria are exempt from the 2G and 2G-plus regulations has now been raised from 12 to 14 years.

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Brothels, clubs and discos are completely closed and from December 28th dance event will also be prohibited outside of clubs and discos.


No fireworks as there is a ban on fireworks this year as well.

Church service

Unvaccinated people are also allowed to attend mass or church services. Church congregations can choose between 3G certification or to go without it.

If the parish does not require proof of vaccination, convalescence or testing, visitors must keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from people from other households.

Visiting Nursing homes

Anyone wishing to visit relatives in the hospital, retirement or nursing home will require a current negative corona rapid test as Bavaria sets new covid-19 rules.