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Germany: 72 people infected with Coronavirus after ‘2G’ party in Münster

Germany: The number of infected people with coronavirus has increased to 72 after party-goers attended a club under the 2G rule (vaccinated, cured) in Münster.

Despite the facts that only vaccinated people and convalescents could participate in the event organised on September 3rd at the the club “Cuba Nova” in Münster, 72 people were infected with the coronavirus .

It is possible that this number will continue to increase, as 380 people participated in the event, 56 people infected are from Münster.

The health department in Münster is currently checking that all participants were indeed vaccinated or are had recovered. 44 persons have already submitted the necessary certificates.

Hygiene rules and regulations were adhered:

The hygiene requirements were introduced by the club in Mid- August and they were assessed being deemed exemplary and conforming to the 3G principle. The landlords themselves had tightened the compulsory 3G requirement (geimpft / getestet / genesen) to 2G.

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All “Cuba Nova” guests who attended the event on September 3 are advised to undergo a test, and any person with symptoms should contact their GP immediately.

Following the detection of the new infections, the Münster authorities checked compliance with visitors’ vaccination requirements and certificates. No deficiencies were found.

However, the investigations have not yet been completed. The city’s health department has requested vaccination certificates for infected people in Münster. So far, the office has received 44 documents. “Other infections are possible, as there are still occasional reports of infections related to the club event,” said the city of Münster.

The head of the crisis team at City Hall, Wolfgang Heuer, is aware that people can continue to become infected despite immunization and become carriers: “But it is also clear that vaccination greatly reduces the risk of serious disease.” The evolution of the disease in infected people is currently asymptomatic or very mild.

Is the introduction of the 2G principle enough?

Many Länder implement the 2G rule. Hamburg was followed by Baden-Württemberg, Berlin and Lower Saxony. But experts are wondering if this is enough given the dangerous Delta variant.