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Coronavirus cases in Germany surge past 91,000

Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread at an alarming rate in Germany. As of today, there are 91,714 COVID-19 cases and 1,342 deaths reported in the country, a new report by the German disease and epidemic control center, Robert Koch Institute (RKI) shows.

All the 16 federal states of Germany are affected. The incidence (cases per 100,000) of COVID-19 is highest in Bavaria (182), Baden-Württemberg (168) and Hamburg (160).

At least 70% of the people infected are aged 15 and 59 years old. While previously the virus infected mainly men in Germany, now the situation has changed. Men and women are equally infected (each 50%).

Among notified cases, there are 706 children under 5 years of age, 1,820 children aged 5 to 14 years, 64,639 persons aged 15 to 59 years, 17,565 aged 60 to 79 years and 6,784 persons aged 80 years and older. The age of 200 notified cases is unknown. The median age of cases is 49 years.

At least 86% of the people killed by the virus in Germany are persons aged 70 years or older.

The report also indicates that in the past few days, cases of COVID-19 outbreaks in nursing homes and hospitals have been increasing. In some of these outbreaks, the number of deaths is relatively high.

To curb the spread of the virus in Germany, the authorities have banned gatherings of more than 2 persons (with the exception of families and household members) in all states. Restaurants and businesses concerned with body care have also been closed.

A total of 28,700 have recovered from COVID-19 infections in Germany.

Distribution of the laboratory-confirmed COVID-19-cases per federal state in Germany as on 5/4/2020

Baden-Wuerttemberg 18,614

Bavaria 23,846

Berlin 3,613

Brandenburg 1,305

Bremen 394

Hamburg 2,945

Hesse 4,575

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 523

Lower Saxony 5,712

North Rhine-Westphalia

Rhineland-Palatinate 3,663

Saarland 1,358

Saxony 2,741

Saxony-Anhalt 919

Schleswig-Holstein 1,631

Thuringia 1,140

Total 91,714