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Coronavirus: April records lowest increase in cases

Coronavirus cases in Germany registered their smallest increase this month, data showed a sign the infection curve in Germany may be flattening.

The daily increase of 2,402, or 1.9%, to 127,854, based on figures from Johns Hopkins University, comes after German Health Minister Jens Spahn told Bild TV that the focus could shift to easing restrictions on public life if a downward trend is confirmed.

Germany saw its new coronavirus cases drop for the fifth consecutive day as the country considers whether to extend a nationwide lockdown beyond this week.

The daily increase in infections of 2,218 was the lowest this month and brought the total to 130,072, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University. Fatalities rose by 172 to 3,194, the biggest increase since April 10. Germany has the fourth-highest number of cases in Europe, though its death rate is relatively low at about 2.5%.

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This spells good news for those requesting that restriction on movement be lifted but could it really be the best move now that there’s steady progress? Chancellor Angela Merkel and Germany’s 16 state leaders are due to discuss the issue.

“We have seen some successes in the past few days,” Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said in the interview. Schools and small shops could be reopened “step by step” without endangering public health, he added.

It has been recommended that primary school and lower secondary education should be gradually reopened while social distancing rules are still applied.

 The National Academy of Sciences on Monday recommended that primary schools and lower secondary education should be gradually reopened as soon as possible.

In a 19-page report that Merkel wants to use as a basis for her government’s decision-making, it also suggested that shops and restaurants could be opened as long as social distancing measures are rigorously adhered to.

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