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Corona restrictions will return across Germany before the end of summer

Germany: Corona restrictions return across Germany before the end of the summer? This scenario is becoming more likely. In the most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia, some anti-coronavirus restrictions have already been re-imposed. These changes are effective in the state as of Monday, July 26.

The number of corona patients in intensive care units increased again

German media are talking about a possible return to the imposition of Corona restrictions across Germany before the end of the summer vacation.

“Different new mutations of the Corona virus cause a marked increase in the number of Corona patients in intensive care units,” Thorsten Leer, a professor at the University of Saarland, told the German media network “RND”.

He said young people who have not yet been vaccinated or who have recently received their vaccinations are most at risk. “Only a full vaccination helps fight the delta boom,” Lear said, adding that “precautions such as maintaining social distancing or washing your hands still apply.”

German health expert Karl Lauterbach also warned of the impending fourth wave of infection with the Corona virus. And the “RND” network wrote on Monday that this could mean the “catastrophic” return of Corona patients to intensive care units and ventilators, in addition to the re-imposition of restrictions on the population.

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In a post on Twitter, Lauterbach noted the rapidly increasing number of infections in Germany, which translates to an increase in the number of hospitalizations. He stressed that “100 thousand new infections per day, as the models currently expect, in part, will be a disaster.” “We will have to impose restrictions, perhaps shortly before the parliamentary elections (scheduled for September 26),” he added.

Delta mutation is more dangerous than initially thought

The mutated Delta strain of the coronavirus is spreading all over the world. The World Health Organisation cited a scientific study from China and Canada, which showed that delta mutation is more dangerous than initially thought.

German health expert Karl Lauterbach also highlighted the growing epidemic threat in an interview with RTL on Monday. It turns out that despite the vaccination campaign, the fourth wave may be strong in Germany.

According to the Canadian study, the risk of contracting MERS after a delta mutation is much higher than previous mutations of MERS-CoV. It was noted that the risk of hospitalization in people with the Delta strain increased by about 120 percent, the risk of hospitalization in the intensive care unit by about 287 percent, and the risk of death by about 137 percent, according to the German “” website.