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Child benefit in Germany, Kindergeld 2021 – how much is it and how to get it.

Child benefit in Germany. Kindergeld is a family benefit paid to all people with children who work in Germany. We explain how much Kindergeld is in 2021 , what documents are needed to submit an application and how long is waiting for the granting of the benefit.

Child benefit rates in Germany for 2021

Kindergeld is a monthly payment for each child . 

In 2021, the rates are as follows:

  • EUR 219  for the first and second child
  • EUR 225  for the third child
  • EUR 250  for each additional child.

Child benefit: up to what age is it paid

Kindergeld benefit is in principle:

  • for all children up to the age of 18
  • for children up to 25 years of age
  • for unemployed dependents up to the age of 21

Kindergeld allowance – scope of consideration

Under German law, family allowance is granted for born and adopted children, as well as for other children who belong to the household, i.e. the spouse’s children, grandchildren and children dressed up

An addition to the Kindergeld, or Kinderzuschlag

Kinderzuschlag is a supplement to the Kindergeld child benefit and is paid monthly with it. The amount of the supplement depends on the family’s income. In 2021 it is from a maximum of 205 euros per month.

How to apply for Kindergeld in 2021

Applications for the Kindergeld allowance must be submitted in person or by an attorney, eg a tax advisor, by post to the Family Benefits Office competent for the place of residence (German: Familienkasse).

Applications for child / child benefit must be submitted on special forms available from the Family Benefits Office or downloaded from or You can also fill out the application online by going to and send it in encrypted form directly to the Family Benefits Office.

It is worth remembering that an application for Kindergeld may be submitted by the person legally caring for the child and the children themselves, but only after they turn 18 and under the condition of having full legal capacity.

What documents do I need to apply for Kindergeld child benefit in Germany?

  • EU marriage and birth certificate if they are children from a marriage, otherwise a complete birth certificate translated into German by a sworn translator is required,
  • in the case of divorcees / legal separations, a court decision translated into German by a sworn translator is required,
  • certificate of joint residence in Poland for the whole family from the City and Commune Office
  •  Certificate of residence in Germany (Anmeldung), in the absence of one, the last German address,
  • copies of the identity card of the applicant and the child’s guardian,
  • decision not to grant / grant an allowance in another EU country (from the voivodeship office),
  • Lohnsteuerbescheinigung (for each period of employment up to four years back),
  • certificate of the child’s education, if the child is over 18,
  • if the child’s guardian is not a family, e.g. a grandmother, then a certificate is needed in which the parents declare that they entrust this person with the care of their children. This letter must be translated into German,
  • recent German tax decisions (Einkommensteuerbescheid)
  • in the case of business activity in Germany, a copy of the entry in the Gewerberegister.

How long does it take to get benefit?

The decision on granting the allowance is usually issued within 2 to 6 months. This time depends on several factors: whether the applicant has submitted complete documents; on the quality of the Familienkasse agreement with Polish offices; on how quickly the client responds to inquiries from the German office.

How and when will the benefit be paid?

Kindergeld is paid by bank transfer to the bank account number indicated in the application. The date on which the allowance will be transferred  depends on the Kindergeldnummer number  , and more precisely on its last digit. Here are the specific dates when the transfers will be sent to the beneficiaries’ account. All months of 2021 >>>

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