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Tragic car accident in Berlin: Driver hits crowd in Charlottenburg – 1 dead, a dozen injured

Tragic car accident in Berlin where a driver hit a crowd in Charlottenburg leaving 1 dead and a dozen injured.

German news. Car accident in Charlottenburg. A driver managed to hit a group of people and rammed into a shop leaving one dead, at least a dozen injured and 5 hanging on for dear life.

The victims of the accident were; a 51-year old teacher who was with his pupils who were also allegedly injured in the accident and were coming from the city of Hesse.

There were 24 students – from the town of Bad Arolsen together with two teachers -: twelve were injured, five more serious than the others. One of the injured also includes a pregnant woman.

The driver was arrested after trying to make an escape attempt and according to a police statement, he was driving his sister’s car when he ran into a corner full of people and upon trying to reverse to put the car back on the street, crashed into a shop window.

BILD reported the person was a 29-year-old Armenian-German already known to the police for property offences. In the car were several posters containing “opinions concerning Turkey”.

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Drunken driving in Germany: What penalties are there for drivers? wrote, after the horrific act, the man had tried to escape but was held back by passers-by until the police came along. An eye witness told police than the man drive like he had no intention of slowing down.

The entire area has been closed to traffic, over 130 agents, firefighters and rescue personnel are present on the site with over 60 ambulances, tow trucks, fire engines and vans.

Berlin spokesman Thilo Cablitz said that that it was not stablished whether it was an attack or an accident caused my medical or other causes.