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Car accident in Berlin: Investigators reveal driver rammed into people intentionally

The car after the death drive: The driver is initially held on site by passers-by until the police arrive

German news. Car accident at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin. Investigators say that the 29 year old man who rammed into a crowd on Wednesday, June 8th did it on purpose. His act however was not regarded as one of terrorism but ‘ the frenzy of a mentally disturbed criminal’.

The man drove into a group of students who were on an excursion in Berlin. Their teacher was killed on the spot and 14 students were reported injured. Six of them are hanging on to life by a thread due to the nature of their injuries while three are also seriously injured.

New facts to the car accident in Berlin at Breitscheidplatz

The perpetrator is a 29-year-old man named Gor H., a man of Armenian origin who is permanently residing in Berlin. The daily ‘Berliner Kurier’ reported on Wednesday evening that H. was already known to the German police for crimes against property (theft).

It is still unclear what prompted him to commit this terrible crime though many assume it might be an urge driven by his unsteady mental state.

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The 29-year-old was driving his sister’s Renault Clio on Wednesday morning while a school class was on an excursion in Berlin. He drove in a speeding car ramming into them deliberately. A teacher has died, six students are in critical condition, three others are seriously injured.

“The driver deliberately drive into the crowd. He killed in cold blood”

The daily “Bild” quotes the investigator who emphasised that there could be no mishap. “It was by no means an accident, (it was) a madman killing in cold blood,” said a police officer from the Criminal Investigation Department.

After the horrific act, the man had tried to escape but was held back by passers-by until the police came along. An eye witness told police that the man drove like he had no intention of slowing down.

Source: Bild.deBerliner Kurier