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Can the new mRNA COVID-19 vaccines change your DNA?

COVID-19: Lars Dölken, Professor of Virology at the University of Würzburg, explains why the “mRNA vaccines” (Moderna, Biontech) cannot change your DNA.

He explains that it is not possible for the mRNA vaccine to change one’s DNA. This is because the vaccine does not enter the nucleus of our cells where DNA is found. it only enters the cytoplasm which is the area around the nucleus.

Can the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines change our DNA?

Professor Lars Dölken explains that like all other RNA molecules in our bodies the mRNA vaccine itself is also highly unstable. That means that after four weeks there remains no single molecule of the original injected mRNA vaccine left in our body.

Before any mRNA vaccine could change our DNA, It would ave to be converted from RNA to DNA, which is not something that cells can do.

If it were to occur and the corresponding DNA were actually incorporated into out own DNA it would be identified by our immune system and the cells would be killed. This is the normal body reaction that should be expected from our bodies’ reaction to a vaccine.

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Source: Bundesregierung