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“Bild”: Coronavirus comes from a laboratory in Wuhan – Scientist from Hamburg

Was coronavirus from a laboratory in Wuhan? Hamburg scientist prof. Roland Wiesendanger has collected evidence from 2019 and 2020 and is confident that: “Information about the virus, and numerous publications in specialist journals and social media, show that the coronavirus was from a laboratory accident,” he tells Bild.

“From the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been two basic theses about its origin. The first says that it was transferred from bats to humans, the second that it was artificially produced and released in a laboratory in Wuhan.

A recent study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) found bats were more likely to be the cause of the corona pandemic. Now, Wiesendanger’s research leads to the exact opposite conclusion, “Bild writes on Thursday.

“The coronavirus comes from a laboratory in Wuhan,” Prof. Wiesendanger. The scientist claims that bats were not offered at the fish market in central Wuhan, which is often referred to as the epicenter of the pandemic.

On the other hand, “Wuhan’s Virology Institute has one of the world’s largest collections of bat pathogens, which come from remote caves in the southern provinces of China.

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It is extremely unlikely that bats would naturally enter Wuhan from a distance of almost 2,000 km and then cause a worldwide pandemic in the immediate vicinity of this virological institute, ”he argues. And he adds that the first to be infected was a young scientist from the Wuhan virology institute.

In total, prof. Wiesendanger cites 60 pieces of evidence in the study to support his theory(coronavirus comes from a laboratory in Wuhan). “I only included serious evidence in the study that can be assessed by scientific criteria. I’ve collected about 600 references, “he tells Bild.

Professor Wiesendanger concludes: “Both the quantity and the quality of the evidence support the laboratory failure at the Wuhan Virology Institute as the cause of the current pandemic.”

Prof. Wiesendanger expects further research into the origins of SARS-CoV-2 to be published in the coming weeks and months.

The study that supports his thesis comes from Dr. Stephen Quay from the US, who said the probability that the coronavirus comes from a laboratory is 99.8%. (PAP)

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