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Belgium government grant workers a 4 day workweek to ease flexibility amid COVID 19 Pandemic

The four-day workweek in Belgium: Belgium government grants its workers a four-day workweek as it seeks to ease flexibility in the work environment amid the COVID 19 pandemic.

Belgium Prime Minister grants workers four-day workweek

Workers in Belgium will now be able to have a three-day weekend and four working days. No form of salary loss is expected as these economic reforms were agreed upon by the governing coalition.

Aside from a three-day weekend, workers will be allowed to ignore their bosses and work emails after the stipulated working hours. Belgium’s Prime minister, while addressing the news conference, explained that all these reforms in the marketplace were being put to create a more dynamic and productive economy.

Which other countries are also planning for the four-day workweek

Belgium is the second country to announce its labor changes. Iceland was the first country to try out the four-day workweek trial. The trial has taken place between 2015-2019 and it was successful. According to statistics, 86% of Iceland is currently working a shortened week.

Other countries that are planning to implement the the four-day workweek include:

  • Spain
  • Scotland
  • Japan

Recently, Kenyan presidential aspirant professor Goerge Wajackoyah has promised to adopt the same four-day workweek plan. According to him, this plan will help harmonize family relations. Also, this will enable Muslims to have enough time to worship on Friday.

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