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Beirut explosion: Merkel offers condolences to Lebanon for the victims of the explosion and pledges to provide urgent aid

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Foreign Minister Heiko Maas pledged to provide urgent aid to Lebanon in the wake of the devastating explosion in the Beirut port on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Merkel sent a message of condolences to Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab, in which she said: “I received with great shock the news of the serious explosion in Beirut, which caused many victims.”

Merkel expressed her condolences to the victims of the Lebanon explosion and added: “In this difficult time you can count on help And support for the German government ”.

Maas made similar statements to Bild newspaper , saying: “I am in contact with the Lebanese Foreign Minister to discuss how Germany can provide assistance urgently and without bureaucracy, and I asked him about what they need most.”

He added that teams from the Relief Organization will leave Germany today, if possible, to Beirut to help search for the missing. .

Mr Heiko said that it is not possible to understand the extent of the destruction that took place. He added, “The images of destruction in Beirut hit us in the heart, and they are painful.” 

The German army is studying the assistance that can be provided if the Beirut government and the crisis monitoring committee in the Lebanese Foreign Ministry deem it necessary and feasible.

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A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said that a German navy cruiser, operating as part of the United Nations UNIFIL mission from Cyprus, replaced a Brazilian frigate in the UN mission, off the Lebanese coast.

 The spokesman added that the largest frigate was now ready to provide assistance, and the spokesman announced that the German army’s medical evacuation planes were ready to transport the seriously wounded.

Donation campaign for the victims of the Lebanon explosion

In the same context, many German organizations have set up donation accounts for the victims of the horrific explosion in Beirut, which killed dozens and injured thousands.

According to data from the German Donation Council, among these organizations are the German Red Cross, the Islamic Relief Society in Germany and the Maltese Relief Service. Citizens can donate on the website of each initiative or via bank transfer.

A violent explosion took place in the port of the Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday evening, killing at least 100 people and injuring 4,000 others, in an event that shook Lebanon and shocked the world.