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Angela Merkel conference video sparks rumours about health when caught sleeping :”She can’t keep her eyes open”

German Chancelor Angela Merkel sparked rumours about her health when she appeared to be struggling to keep her eyes open during a conference.

She tried to stay alert but her eyelids kept closing and at some point the Chancellor seemed to be asleep, according to a video commented by Reuters.

There have been rumours about her experiencing health problems for some time and she has also been caught shaking on several public occasions.

In June 2019, for example, she had a kind of tremor during a ceremony with the Ukrainian president Zelenski.

There were talks that she could be dehydrated, then of a neurological problem and even Parkinson’s disease. According to some, it could be the side effects given by the psychotropic drugs one would take against depression.

Observing the onset of symptoms given their duration and rapid disappearance, it was hypothesised that it could be a ‘benign’ tumour.

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The figurative conclusion was arrived at by the fact that Angela Merkel was not showing neurological symptoms such as muscle weakness, change sin gait, difficulty speaking, stopping or impeding movements, changes in metal state or voice during the motor crisis – “it is assumed that the problem does not show as if it is of neurological origin and therefore does not harm its physical and brain health, as are many neuro-degenerative diseases, which are often accompanied by dementia.

Now the chancellor appeared very tired and about to fall asleep in public. And once again rumours about his health returned.