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Amnesty: This is how Europe condemns asylum-seekers to live in appalling conditions

Tens of thousands of asylum-seekers remain stranded in appalling conditions in Greece a year after the European Union (EU) leaders agreed on an emergency relocation scheme.


A new briefing published by Amnesty International provides detailed case studies, evidence and data on the ways in which European Governments’ lack of political will is condemning extremely vulnerable people to crippling insecurity and hardship.

From the report it emerges that less than 6% of the commitments for relocation from Greece have been fulfilled.

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“At the current rate it will take 18 years to fulfill the relocation commitments made a year ago. It is shameful that Europe cannot put politics aside and solve this humanitarian crisis by fairly sharing responsibility for a relatively small number of refugees,” said Monica Costa, Migration Campaigner at Amnesty International.

“European governments must live up to their pledges and provide the protection, hope and dignity that asylum-seekers deserve. To do this they must increase the number of relocation places, speed up the process, grant humanitarian visas and establish fast-track and accessible family reunification procedures,” she added.