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A court has overturned the obligation to wear a mask in a city in western Germany

Germany obligation to wear mask: A German court on Monday (November 9th) overturned the obligation to wear a mask to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the city of Düsseldorf, which would soon adopt a new regulation, reports AFP, taken over by Agerpres.

The decision, in this industrial city in the west of the country, comes at a time when Germany, rather safe from the first wave of the spring pandemic, is currently severely affected by the coronavirus.

Last Wednesday, the municipality ordered the wearing of the mask in public throughout the city, except for parks and cemeteries, if a distance of at least five meters between two people cannot be maintained.

However, following the notification of a citizen of the city, the court ruled on Monday that this decision is not clear enough regarding the “necessary good conduct” under the sanction of a fine.

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City officials said they want to adopt a new regulation on Tuesday.

In several cases, in recent weeks, political decisions aimed at restricting social life to prevent the spread of the epidemic in Germany have been overturned by court decisions.

Thus, several jurisdictions last month lifted hotel ban bans for German travellers from regions severely affected by COVID-19.