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How Vicmass LuoDollar of “Bank Otuch” hit moved from a hawker to a top rapper in Kenya

“Bank Otuch” is the title of one of the most popular rap songs in Kenya. The song which was composed some years back by an unknown musician called Vicmass LuoDollar, was initially completely ignored by the local DJs and radio stations.

Top Kenyan rapper Vicmass LuoDollar
Top Kenyan rapper Vicmass LuoDollar

The song was however really good and it caught the attention of Octopizzo, Kenya’s most famous rapper.

Octopizzo who used to enjoy the earlier version of “Bank Otuch”, kept on wondering why such a beautiful song was being ignored.

But it didn’t take him long to realise that the composer of the song was both very poor and unknown to the local music industry players. That’s when he decided to mentor Vicmass LuoDollar and help him get exposure.

In an exclusive interview with AfroNews, Vicmass LuoDollar narrated how he struggled to survive and the difficulties he faced at the initial stages of his musical career while living in Kibera slums in Nairobi.

“I was hawking snacks and soft drinks to feed my mum and my siblings and to raise money for the studio,” he said. “I used to pay the so-called talent managers to help me push my songs only to end up being duped and they vanished in the thin air.”

Vicmass LuoDollar has risen from rags to riches within a very short time
Vicmass LuoDollar has risen from rags to riches within a very short time

It requires a heartless person to con a poor young man who needs guidance to penetrate the music scene. Yet Vicmass LuoDollar was unfortunate to meet many such people.

“I started attending music forums to learn about branding and quality music and the relationship between content providers and music consumers, so in the process I met and started working with the people who understood the business side of music,” Vicmass LuoDollar said.

His hit single “Bank Otuch” was inspired by the struggle he went through to make it in life. “Bank Otuch” means one has made enough money to live a fantastic life. The song is also a celebration of the opportunities he now has to work with the most informed people in the Kenyan music scene.

“Bank Otuch” has got and continues to get massive attention because of Vicmass LuoDollar’s unique style and funny but inspirational lyrics.

He has since released a remix of “Bank Otuch” featuring Octopizzo. He has also produced a fantastic video for the song.

Apart from his “mentor and favourite rapper Octopizzo,” Vicmass LuoDollar is grateful to a Canadian lady called Glenda Donovan who together with her partner Chris Adams, decided to invest in his music and introduce him to the world.

He is appealing to senior African artists to support their emerging counterparts who have the potential but lack the opportunities.

Vicmass LuoDollar, whose reals names are Ochieng’ Victor Ondeye, has just released another hit “Simbe Adek” and is preparing for a world tour.

Vicmass LuoDollar when he used to be a hawker
Vicmass LuoDollar when he used to be a hawker

Vicmass-LuoDollar“Simbe Adek” is a song about the extravagant lifestyle of the Luo people of Kenya and the beauty of Kisumu, their home city.

It was released a couple of weeks ago but it is already the most played song in Kenya.

“My fans have proved to me that language doesn’t matter when it comes to great music,” said Vicmass LuoDollar, who mainly raps in Dholuo, his mother tongue. He is promising to pay them back by releasing hit after hit.

“I love my fans so much and I can’t forget to thank them very much for their support,” Vicmass LuoDollar said.

Vicmass LuoDollar’s story is an example of what talent, hard work, determination and proper guidance from experts can lead to. Now that he has succeeded to rise from rags to riches, the real challenge is to continue climbing the ladder.

Vicmass LuoDollar however knows where he is heading to and aware of what he has left behind, is determined not to make a wrong step.

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By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a